Fifteen years ago, through the death of a relative, Tom and his wife inherited a significant amount of money. He and his wife Mary were determined to ensure their $7 million estate was put to sound use, well beyond their own lifetimes.

The couple approached Prestige Equity for investment advice. They were looking for a solution that would conservatively grow their legacy. They wanted to maintain an active interest in their wealth strategy and track its performance closely, but were not interested in dealing with the associated paperwork.

Together with their Prestige Equity Adviser the couple devised a strategy for long-term capital growth of their portfolio. They built a strategy on diversified global equities by investing in promising businesses that were growing and had the potential to lead their sector. Whilst erring on the side of caution, the couple had an interest in emergent technologies. With prudent investment, the Waetfords have seen their capital grow dramatically over the years. This success has been possible even after enjoying some of the dividend benefits – such as providing assistance to family members buying first homes and overseas travel.

Andy Taylor, Manager