Roy made a bold career change mid-way through his life as a result of a serious accident. To achieve his goals he contacted Prestige Equity. “Roy was keen to learn about the markets and was hungry for research material. He was a real self-starter”.

As his knowledge grew, his risk profile became less risk averse, recalls his Adviser.

The challenge to his Adviser, was to help Roy grow his capital base in order to buy a business. Prestige Equity worked with Roy to devise a strategy to help identify the level of capital they would need to raise, with a satisfactory earning capacity, and together they committed to a figure. As Roy’s initial funds were so important, the solution was a balanced portfolio of 50% bonds, 40% equities and 10% property, avoiding too much risk.

Roy has since grown the business to a staff of eight and purchased a floor of the building he works out of. He continues to build his portfolio, although it is now geared towards retirement. He hopes to bolster it significantly with the sale of a successful recruitment business in a decade or so.

Robert Smith, Consultant