Introducing Robert and Joanna - Managed Portfolio Service Clients and Retirees

Robert & Joanna had been widowed since they were relatively young, and had the fortune to meet in retirement at 68 and 70 years of age. The challenge for their Adviser was to help them secure their spending money without eroding their capital base.

By structuring a balanced portfolio that was slightly more aggressive than their other investments (in a buoyant market), Prestige Equity was able to generate the couple a 20% annualised return in a space of only eighteen months. They were delighted to have the yield they needed to do the things they’d only ever dreamed about and at the same time, ensure their estates remained intact for the sake of their children.

Now they both have the freedom to enjoy some of the simple luxuries in life, worry-free.

Mark Bridges, Manager

Fifteen years ago, through the death of a relative, Tom and his wife inherited a significant amount of money. He and his wife Mary were determined to ensure their $7 million estate was put to sound use, well beyond their own lifetimes.

The couple approached Prestige Equity for investment advice. They were looking for a solution that would conservatively grow their legacy. They wanted to maintain an active interest in their wealth strategy and track its performance closely, but were not interested in dealing with the associated paperwork.

Together with their Prestige Equity Adviser the couple devised a strategy for long-term capital growth of their portfolio. They built a strategy on diversified global equities by investing in promising businesses that were growing and had the potential to lead their sector. Whilst erring on the side of caution, the couple had an interest in emergent technologies. With prudent investment, the Waetfords have seen their capital grow dramatically over the years. This success has been possible even after enjoying some of the dividend benefits – such as providing assistance to family members buying first homes and overseas travel.

Andy Taylor, Manager

Roy made a bold career change mid-way through his life as a result of a serious accident. To achieve his goals he contacted Prestige Equity. “Roy was keen to learn about the markets and was hungry for research material. He was a real self-starter”.

As his knowledge grew, his risk profile became less risk averse, recalls his Adviser.

The challenge to his Adviser, was to help Roy grow his capital base in order to buy a business. Prestige Equity worked with Roy to devise a strategy to help identify the level of capital they would need to raise, with a satisfactory earning capacity, and together they committed to a figure. As Roy’s initial funds were so important, the solution was a balanced portfolio of 50% bonds, 40% equities and 10% property, avoiding too much risk.

Roy has since grown the business to a staff of eight and purchased a floor of the building he works out of. He continues to build his portfolio, although it is now geared towards retirement. He hopes to bolster it significantly with the sale of a successful recruitment business in a decade or so.

Robert Smith, Consultant

Twenty-four year old Ben Simon's parents had taught him early in life you can make the future you want, anyway you want it, as long as you are prepared to think outside of the square and take action. For Ben, this means being a young investor.

The average New Zealand University graduate comes out of his or her degree owing a daunting $16,731* and spends years paying it back. Ben is not your average graduate.

Ben was aware that at his age he could take on a little risk in order to earn a higher return. Recognising this trait and Ben’s strong desire to get ahead, Prestige Equity worked with him to develop his investing acumen and recommend suitable investments. They achieved balance against the more high-risk Australian stocks they selected, with a diversified portfolio of more conservative investments, including some NZ high-yielding blue chips.

Like other clients starting out, Ben recognises that it is really important to work with an experienced Investment Adviser who understands his goals and risk profile, and who can advise as to ‘how much risk is too much risk’.

Sandra White, Designer