Our Company

Our Company

Our employees bring our mission to life every day through their decisions and actions – which are guided by our four most-valued behaviors; customers are confident, smart, successful and driven. They rely on their abilities to succeed and rely on us for the sense of security that comes with being prepared and protected. It's the confidence to prevail, no matter what.

We strive to create long-term value for our clients through strong business fundamentals, consistent with our mission guided by our vision and directed by our company's core values. We are committed to keeping our promises and to doing business the right way.

Employees across the company use the following behaviors to perform at their best, successfully execute our strategy and help our customers prepare, protect and prevail.

Our employees also care about the company’s long-term success. Their collective wisdom created Prestige Equity vision, which is to be an exceptional company, celebrated for financial performance, character and customer value.

We are all committed to realizing this vision.