We provide personalised discretionary investment management services to private clients, charities and professional advisers.


Before we start to manage your money, we obtain a thorough understanding of your financial needs and objectives. That way we can develop a portfolio that suits you.


We operate on a global whole-of-market basis, researching direct investments, third party funds and products from a range of investment firms, from global investment houses or specialist boutiques.

Strategy is nothing without execution

The business is organised along client focused investment and asset management specialisms, supported by a central team providing robust risk management oversight, research and corporate finance support. We also work in partnership with our related companies, combining our expertise in conjunction with these specialist platforms to deliver a better overall offering to our clients.

Our Senior Management Team, led by CEO Charles Winston, has over 65 years of combined market experience. Our teams are fully aligned with clients, with a substantial element of remuneration linked to the long-term returns generated for clients. We believe that this approach delivers an effective blend of entrepreneurial flair within a robust risk management framework.

Since 2005, Prestige has remained a trusted advisor to governments, financial institutions, public and private pension schemes, financial advisors, and individuals around the world. Our clients are discerning, and seek high-quality and versatile investment solutions; we provide an array of strategies to meet their diverse objectives. Our investment professionals operate independently and collaborate globally, vetting our best ideas through rigorous analysis to deliver the return patterns our clients expect.

We aim to develop productivity and innovation

  • icon_06Portfolio ManagersClients count on Prestige Equity Portfolio Managers to help them navigate through the complex world of investment choices. Many of the pitfalls in this realm can be avoided with the building of a proper strategy. Whether your goals are aggressive wealth building or capital retention, our Portfolio Managers can help you reach your goals with peace of mind..
  • icon_02Specialised InvestmentTaking advantage of sophisticated derivative products within a proven comprehensive strategy can result in exceptional returns. These returns can be achieved in bull or bear markets, as they can take advantage of market movements due to positive or negative market forces. This is why our portfolios continually outperform worldwide indices year after year.
  • icon_04Active ManagementWe aim to add value by identifying good quality stocks, defined chiefly in terms of management and business model, which are attractively priced. Good stockpicking is the key to our performance. We downplay benchmarks in portfolio construction since these provide little clue to future performance. Our asset managers avoid businesses that we do not understand or those with discriminatory shareholder structures.
  • icon_05Client Account OpeningThe take on of new clients will vary depending on the investment solution recommended.  The main considerations relate to where responsibility for client advice and suitability ultimately rest.  
  • icon_07Multi-Asset Portfolio FundsOur actively managed multi-asset funds have been designed as a core holding for advisers seeking to generate a level of return within defined levels of risk for clients with smaller sums to invest. This approach differs from most multi asset products, which seek to maximise returns against their peers rather than being managed to a client-led volatility expectation.
  • icon_08Personalised ServiceOur investment professionals can provide a dedicated service for investors who require a degree of influence in the management of their portfolio. Working with you and any other advisers your clients may have, such as solicitors and accountants, we can provide a holistic approach to investment management.